Tile topped dining table - Slate cocktail table.

Tile Topped Dining Table

tile topped dining table

    dining table
  • a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board"

  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.

  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room

  • (Dining Tables) The first dining tables of which survivors remain are the type known as refectory tables. They are made usually of oak, and one of the earliest, at Penshurst Place in Kent, has a typical thick top of joined planks supported on three separate trestles.

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Top Cinco rs

Top Cinco rs

Bem agradeco a "participacao" de mariannaoust (Jade); maira-nails (coral chic); TatahB. (Sexy)...
Se alguem se sentir ofendido por eu usar as imagens, posso deletar!

Bem em primeiro lugar:
Jade - e todas as lindas misturinhas que nos deixaram loucas
2o- Audrey : lindo, chic, perfeito, digno...e todos lindos elogios a ele!!!
3o- Sexy : pra mim o mais lindo rosa dos ultimos tempos (seguido do Rio doce) muito perua, amei...
4o Atrevida : Vermelho coral lindo fluorescente, cobertura boa, facil de passar, seca rapido, maravilha...passa na rua e nao fica despercebido.
5o- Coral chic : pq ele e chic!

Gente, como vcs bem estao vendo eu amo Colorama! Tenho pouco de outras marcas e estou iniciando a vida do vicio, brigando comigo mesma e meus impulsos...

Mas e isso, espero que gostem e mostrem seus top pra eu testar e copiar rsrsrs

bjao feliz ano novo!!!

Fantastic Dining Table with 5 chairs

Fantastic Dining Table with 5 chairs

This is a wonderful dining table with a cool tiled top. Comes with 5 matching chairs. I'm not sure how old, but at least 40 years. The top comes off the base for easy moving. 68"L, 38"W, 29.5"H. $250.00/set

tile topped dining table

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